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There are always "outliers" or "misfits" (those people that don't quite "fit in"). But almost everyone is an oddball at not just a few things but many things. The favorite sport of most people is different than your favorite sport. Most people don't wear your shoe size. And whatever the consideration, almost everyone is NOT included most of the time. Perhaps that's why the Bell curve exists, so that everyone can fit in somewhere. Still, "almost-everyone" is a state of mind, and we can find common ground there.


1. A majority: Over fifty percent of the population.

1. A supermajority: Sixty percent, or two-thirds, or all but the one exception in the game Musical Chairs, or when drawing straws.



Almost everyone thinks they could lose more weight.


Almost everyone thinks there is something wrong with this picture.


Almost everyone wishes there was something else that the Swiss army knife could do.


Most people do NOT trust the Jedi.


Most people never finish this puzzle.


Almost everyone is in the dark sometimes (especially on the internet).



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